When it comes to the season of giving, it’s not always easy to know what to get your dad, stepdad, grandpa, or father-in-law!

Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to share your appreciation in the form of gifts. To start, look for for something that connects with part of their personality or your relationship. Generic gifts often just aren’t the right fit when you’re trying to show someone you really appreciate them, especially the big guy.

To get you started, here are 10 ideas for fun Christmas gifts to give dad:

1. Dad Jokes Book

What else would we put at #1? Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, dad jokes are timeless. Fathers everywhere are notorious for having corny senses of humor. If you want to make a father you know laugh, surprise him with a book that highlights all of the cheesiest dad jokes going.


2. Craft Beer Club Membership

If the special dad in your life enjoys a cold one, consider a craft beer club membership. There’s never been a better time to find great craft beer, and it’s a favorite among many busy dads who enjoy trying new brews or simply want to unwind after a long day.

If you want to give a dad a pleasant, bubbly surprise, sign up for a craft beer organization membership. These kinds of subscriptions can be ideal for dads who adore trying out all of the latest and tastiest craft beer choices.

3. Quality Backpack

Dads like to be on the move, whether they’re going on vacation, working, or volunteering. It doesn’t take long for bad luggage to take its toll. Instead of seeing your dad lugging around the same bag he’s had for 20 years, give him the gift of a modern backpack with all the fixins!

Made by Knack, Knack Packs are optimized for travelers of all kinds. They don’t just look good but come with a full set of features, different sizes, and durable materials (there’s even a leather version!). He’ll be hard-pressed to run out of compartments and space, especially with the innovative expandable section that effectively doubles its carrying capacity.

4. Heated Razor

Dads seem superhuman, but they need to take of themselves just like everyone else. Make personal grooming just a little nicer by simplifying his shaving process with a razor that heats itself.

Heated razors can streamline the management of facial hair for fathers who have jam-packed schedules. These razors give the refreshing feeling of a hot towel shave without that trip to the barber.

Heated razor

5. Handheld Massager

Dads can get tired like everyone else. Being a dad can be both demanding and time-consuming.

If you’re interested in rewarding a hard-working dad who rarely does anything for himself, look into a handheld cordless massage gun. Diligent dads often lack the time to book sessions with massage therapists. However, if they have their own massage gun, they can treat their exhausted, stiff and sore backs on their own.

massage gun

6. Sandwich Press

Dads often have fast-paced lifestyles, but it’s hard to find one who doesn’t like a good sandwich. Help him stave of hunger with an easy-to-clean sandwich press that can be used for paninis, quesadillas, and other foods.

To start his day off right, there are even appliances that focus on the preparation of mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches. These devices are easy to use and can make your special dad’s favorite food even easier to prepare. Dads can use them prior to going to work, after weekend activities, or whenever they’re in the mood for a delicious bite.

7. Fitness Tracker

Loving dads want to stay as healthy as possible for their kids and grandkids. A big part of that hinges on an active lifestyle, which is why a fitness tracker can be perfect gift to a dad. This bracelet-style tracker comes in a variety of colors and measures calories burned, heart rate, and step count. The long battery life and water resistance will be convenient for busy dads on the go.

Fitness trackers are tools that enable people to stay on top of their daily activity and exercises. Some integrate with smartphones or even keep track of diets. If you want the wonderful father around you to be able to stay on top of their exercise routines and steer clear of health issues, consider a fitness tracker.

fitness tracker

When shopping for a thank you gift, you’ll want to find something that truly expresses your gratitude. Generic gifts often just aren’t the right fit when you’re trying to show someone you really appreciate them.

To get you started, here are eight gift ideas to inspire you when you’re looking for the ideal thank you gift.

8. Collection of Succulents

That’s right, succulents! These plants are notorious for being great companions that require little upkeep. They’re hardy and don’t need much care to flourish. Plus, they’re great to look at!

Plants are known to be soothing and have positive effects on humans, and maybe your dad needs a little more of that in their life. If you want to give your dad the gift of tranquility, consider a pack of mini succulents.

Mini Succulents

9. Cookie Of The Month Club

Just like Santa, most dads have a sweet tooth, and they’re sure to love a subscription to the Cookie Of The Month Club. This is just what it sounds like and could be exactly what they need. Choose up to 6 different flavors or stick with a tried-and-true favorite of the recipient. There are 13 flavors to choose from that range from classic to creative. Your dad’s going to be reminded of your gratitude for at least the next 6 months with their delicious cookie subscription box.

Stack of cookies

10. Arcadia Natural Gift Box

This natural gift box from Arcadia is a cute and affordable gift box to celebrate your dad wit thanks. There are 4 expressions of gratitude for you to choose between for the box design. The box can contain different combinations of items such as soap, cologne, and beard oil. There are 11 different arrangements to choose from. Plus, there is a wide variety of scents to select for your natural personal care items.

There are all kinds of ways to celebrate your dad during Christmas, and a thoughtful gift is a great option for anyone. These Christmas gifts are sure to make your dad smile and maybe even bring back some good memories from years past.

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