First-time mothers can be on an exciting, exhausting journey. Even for those who have had children before, every newborn needs lots of time and energy. A lot of attention is on the baby, so moms will appreciate all the help and support they can get. Show a new mom you care with these gift ideas:

1. Childhood History Journal

Traditional baby books are still used by some as a great way to document milestones and memories. The modern mom will love the Promptly Childhood History Journal. This attractive linen hardback journal comes in a variety of cover colors. It is full of thick pages and inspiring prompts. Parents will enjoy filling out entries monthly from pregnancy through the first year and continue yearly through age 18.

journal open

2. Cleaning Service

One of the top complaints of new moms is not enough time or energy, especially for housework. So, new moms will love this act of service. Order a cleaning service to come and do a deep clean of their house. It will be one less thing for the busy family to handle. They can go on a relaxing or productive outing while the cleaning crew works. Your new mom will love their sparkling home and one less stressor.

3. Lavender Sleep Eye Mask

For new moms, sleep is as valuable as it is hard to come by. Help give the gift of shut-eye with this lavender sleep eye mask. This silk eye mask can be used to create a spa-like nighttime setup. It will also help block out light if you giftee is able to squeeze in a nap. It fits comfortably and is filled with lavender and flax seeds. The aromatherapy properties of lavender will help ease and settle your loved one more quickly.

4. Teething Necklace

New mothers may not wear a lot of jewelry around their infant. This wood ring teething necklace is safe and stylish for both mom and baby. The necklace is made from wood and you can choose from a variety of colors for the silicone bead. This teether hangs on a leather cord and is easily washable. There will be no worries with the baby putting this in their mouth to help aching gums.

teething necklace

5. Foot Massager

This gift will be a wonderful treat for the new mother in your life. She is sure to tired from her busy schedule and time on her feet. You could buy your giftee a spa day, or you could gift her daily unlimited home massages. This foot massager machine comes with a variety of power and heat settings.

6. Microwaveable Slippers

Any new mom will be thrilled with these soft microwaveable slippers filled with dried lavender. These slippers can be heated up for just one minute in the microwave and will hold in the heat for 15-20 minutes. However, the warm relaxation will last much longer than that. Your giftee will feel cozy and comfortable while she is sitting up with the baby late at night.


7. Burt’s Bees Baby Gift Set

Caring for a newborn can be messy business, and new moms are sure to spend time keeping things clean. This gift set will be much appreciated by the mother you are treating. This skin care set is natural and designed specifically for her baby. It includes a combination shampoo and body wash, soap, diaper ointment, and lotion that suits even sensitive skin and keeps baby’s skin soft and nourished.

8. Instant Pot

New parents may crave a hearty, home-cooked meal but have little time to spare to prepare one. An instant pot pressure cooker will be the gift that they can use as baby grows. Dinner will be ready quickly and easily with this new kitchen tool.

9. Custom Tumbler

New moms have a lot going on and many run on caffeine to get it all done. With their busy schedules, it can be a struggle for their warm drinks to stay warm and cold drinks to stay cold. This customized tumbler is the solution. It comes in 2 sizes and 15 colors with a design that proclaims their role proudly. Their coffee, water, or other drinks will stay fresh. A spill-proof top keeps it safe around curious little hands.

New moms are a busy bunch and they will love to be treated and pampered. They give so much of themselves. Here is your chance to give a little to them. Help to treat a deserving mother with these practical gifts.

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