Kids have a ton of creativity to exercise, and photography can be a great outlet!

Wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas explains that it opens their eyes to the beauty in their surroundings, which can encourage them to appreciate small details in everyday life. This can also help them gain a healthy respect for nature, whether it’s the plants in your backyard or animals seen on a hike. Learning how to work a camera and experimenting with different perspectives can also inspire children to become more creative, independent, and expressive.

So what gadgets do you need to introduce your children to the world of photography?


Looking for the right camera can be overwhelming, especially since there are many great options available on the market. To ensure that you get the right fit for your child, consider their age, interests, and skills before purchasing one.

If your child is still a toddler, then a point-and-shoot camera like VTech’s KidiZoom Duo or Kodak’s Mini Shot 3 Retro is a great entry-level option as they explore the basics of photography. These models are very easy to operate, and they include all the basic controls that your kid needs.

An LCD screen for composing and reviewing images is a great addition that lets your young ones regularly check their work. Finally, look for a strong build that’s easy to grip yet robust enough to withstand being dropped on the floor.

On the other hand, mirrorless cameras are fantastic gifts for older kids who want to take high quality pictures and videos. Cameras like Nikon’s Z6 FX-Format and Panasonic’s Lumix GH5 II are relatively affordable options that deliver sharp images with professional quality. These mirrorless cameras are equipped with simple automatic modes, but they also allow your child to manually control camera settings if they want to explore photography further.

Lenses and Filters

This is a great gift idea for budding photographers who want to take fun photos or focus on certain specializations. Camera lenses allow your child to explore different functions like zoom capabilities, image stabilization, and aperture settings.

If you notice that your child loves to go outdoors to take pictures of nature or architecture, then a wide angle lens can be a great way to fit a large area into the frame. On the other hand, kids who love sports, action, or wildlife might enjoy working with a 135 mm medium telephoto lens that’s specialized for capturing fast-paced activities. Budding food or portrait photographers can take high-quality close-up shots with the help of a macro lens. Finally, a good fisheye lens is a fun tool that children of all ages can appreciate.

You can take things a step further with the right lens filter, many of which have practical and aesthetic features. These filters can enhance colors, minimize glare, and manipulate light exposure. Most importantly, they can save the pricey lens from dust, cracks, and other casualties.


Tripods are excellent gifts that will complement your kid’s camera. This essential piece of photography equipment will enable your budding photographer to take stable and high-definition images. Whether it’s for a quick selfie or a picture of the night sky, tripods can make all the difference for many shots.

Kids who love traveling or hiking will appreciate table tripods, such as Joby’s Gorillapod, because they’re compact and lightweight. Just wrap them around a stable pole or a tree branch, and you’re good to go!

Aspiring professional photographers should have access to full-size tripod kits like Sunpak’s 8001 UT Tripod, which can be quickly adjusted and used for various applications.


Have you got an adventurous youngster?

A drone is a wonderful gift that allows them to take pictures quite literally from a bird’s eye view. Drone filming can be a little complicated for beginners, but it might also be the perfect opportunity for you and your kid to bond and take some next-level photographs and video.

A compact drone like Potensic’s A20 can be easy to monitor and manipulate for little kids (and excited parents). Hubsan’s X4 H107D+ FPV camera toy is a great tool for teenagers as it has a 720p camera, a 50-meter range, and a display on the controller. Older teens with smartphones will love the DJI Mavic Mini, which can record 2.7K videos and fly for as long as 28 minutes!

Camera Bag

A camera bag is a practical gift, but it can also add a bit of flair to your child’s photography gear! Getting a bag in your kid’s favorite color is a great idea, but make sure that it can fit all of their equipment in.

For instance, you can pair your child’s mirrorless camera with Lowepro’s StreamLine Sling Bag, which has extra space for lenses, batteries, memory cards, and even a water bottle. Kids who love outdoor photography will need waterproof bags, such as Pelican’s U160 Urban Elite Half Case Camera Pack. You can even purchase camera tote bags for a more stylish look or a Knack Pack, which is made for travelers, photographers included. The compartments can definitely suit different camera components, such as extra lenses and batteries.

The aforementioned essential gear is perfect gifts for kids who show an interest in photography. Using the right equipment can improve their skills and show them that you’re supporting their latest hobby. More importantly, giving them these tools is can be a great way to bond through a hobby.

Put a smile on your child’s face by introducing them to the exciting world of photography with the right equipment, and watch them express themselves through their art!

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