As new teachers enter the workforce, taking on their own classroom can feel daunting. Help your loved one celebrate their new career and provide them with some much-needed resources as they head back to school. There are many fitting gifts for anyone filling a teaching role or other school staff position. Here are eight gift ideas for new teachers:

1. School Year Planner

Teachers need to stay organized and on top of lesson plans, assignments, schedules, meetings, and more. Unlike a typical day planner journal, this teacher planner has features specific to a teacher’s needs.

This must-have spans the traditional school year months and comes in a variety of patterns that will look great on any teacher desk. It has plenty of space for multiple classes or subjects taught, and both weekly and monthly pre-dated layouts so that the new teacher in your life can be fully prepared. Just be sure to select the correct upcoming school year and they will be ready to go!

teacher planner spread

2. Custom Stationery Notepad

It’s no secret that educators love stationery and office supplies. They will quickly find themselves writing notes to parents, students, and other staff. These custom name and monogram stationery notepads can sit atop their desk and will help them jot notes and memos with ease. There are even specific styles for science teachers, math teachers, music teachers, and counselors.

3. Personalized Lanyard

Many teachers are required to wear ID badges at school. They may also have keys and fobs to use throughout the day. Help the new teacher in your life look good and stay comfortable with this light-weight, customizable lanyard. You can include their new teacher name or an encouraging mantra on a small wooden medallion. The sturdy black cord includes decorative silicone beads in a fun pencil motif and a break-away style clasp.


4. Pencil Holder Desk Name Plate

This solid pine wood desk name plate comes painted like a pencil and with your giftee’s name clearly for students and visitors to see and spell. Because real estate on a teacher’s desk is precious, it is the perfect compact size and doubles as a pen holder. You can even adjust the finish to match their school colors.

5. Teacher Fuel Tumbler

Your new teacher will soon adjust to early mornings and long hours. Many educators rely on a morning caffeine kick to keep their energy up. Treat them to a personalized reusable hot beverage cup so that their “teacher fuel” will stay warm and on hand while also helping the environment. If they prefer their drinks iced, there is a cold cup option as well. Select their favorite color or a display of school spirit, and add their teacher name so this never ends up in the Lost and Found.


6. Custom Self-inking Book Stamp

Besides the students, some of the most valuable things in a classroom are the books. Your new teacher will quickly amass a small collection of professional development texts, teaching guides, and student readers. To make sure that library doesn’t disappear, gift your new teacher a custom stamp so they can lend to others without worry. And because time is a teacher’s most precious resource, this small self-inking tool will help labeling go faster.

7. Foot Massager

Teachers are on their feet for much of the day, so pamper your loved one with some self care. No matter how comfortable their shoes are, they still log miles around the building. Whether it is kept at home or under their desk, this foot massage roller is sure to become a part of their after school relaxation ritual.

8. Survival Kit Tin

Every day is different in a school and teachers need to be prepared for whatever may happen. This personalized tin comes in small or large size and can be filled with emergency supplies. Help them organize their stash by adding mints, stain remover wipes, lip balm, chocolates, vitamins, floss, safety pins, and more. Your giftee will be able to refill it as needed so their desk will always be stocked for the school day.


Educators are busy by nature, so gifting them the right tools to do their job will be greatly appreciated. They will love to show pride for their new position and will feel your admiration with these meaningful and practical gifts.

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