With travel and technological advancements, there’s been a rise of a new class of globetrotters: digital nomads. Digital nomads are generally people who travel internationally while using technology to work remotely, sometimes out of coffee shops and hostels.

With many jobs moving to teleworking, even more digital nomads have begun to pack up and live on the road long-term. Who hasn’t dreamed of signing into work from a palm-dotted beach or a trendy European cafe?

Buying gifts for your loved ones who don’t have a traditional, stationary working life is a unique sort of challenge. The last thing you want to do is give something that just gets carried around out of obligation – or worse, ends up in a landfill. The trick for digital nomads is to make sure every item they own has a purpose and eases their time on the road.

1. SD and SIM Card Protective Case

Digital nomads travel light, but they still keep important digital cards (like SD memory cards for cameras) handy to store travel photos, videos, and more.

And if your giftee finds themselves crossing borders frequently, they’ve probably struggled to keep their access to the internet organized. There is nothing more frustrating than entering a country you know you’ve been to before but you can’t find the SIM card.

Some card cases, like this one, not only organize cards but also keep them safe from shocks and weather.

carrying case

2. Mifi Router

Having internet access is a necessity for digital nomads, so give your giftee the chance to make sure their internet is always stable with their own MiFi router. These are basically mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

Be sure to get one that allows them to use it where they’re planning to travel in the world. They’ll be able to connect to their work and other services without worrying about losing connecting or having their information stolen.

Small devices, like the Skyroam Solis can be used in over 130 countries and come with long battery life.

mobile hotspot

3. Quality Travel Backpack

It doesn’t take long for frequent travelers to learn that rolling luggage doesn’t always cut it. Give them the gift of a large, organized way for them to keep their critical items safe and close.

A few things to look for are thoughtful organizational systems, carrying support systems, and weather resistance. If you’re not sure exactly what your favorite traveler needs, consider backpacks specifically designed for digital nomads, like the Knack Pack. With a variety of sizes and materials (including leather), the Knack Pack is a stylish, practical, and versatile backpack made for just about any scenario.

4. USB-C Hub

Most digital nomads tend to choose the lightest computer they can find. This makes a lot of sense when carrying it around, but it can be frustrating when their dream laptop inevitably runs out of USB ports.

A USB hub multi-port adapter can be an absolute lifesaver when your giftee needs to charge up several devices while working in an internet cafe. They’ll remember and appreciate you every time they continue their journey with fully charged devices!

5. A Local Experience

One of the best parts about being a digital nomad is the ability to build amazing memories in all the places you visit. However, it’s not always easy to get a local experience without thinking about it ahead of time. Look for ways to treat your loved one to an interesting local experience they might not think to get for themselves. Check out Withlocals or Airbnb Experiences.

6. Multi-Function Power Bank

The last thing you need when you’re traveling somewhere new is for your devices to lose power. Where to charge your devices can be a constant battle for the digital nomad, especially when their travels keep them away from plugs for longer than expected.

Anker’s Powercore chargers are an industry standard with a solid track record of reliability and speed. Their 26800 model, for example, can charge an iPhone ten times before draining. Help your digital nomad by treating them to a reliable multi-function power bank. These chargers not only charge their phone but can also charge tablets, e-readers, and portable speakers (and can be used as a hand warmer in a pinch).

power bank

7. Cable Organizers

It’s some sort of law of nature that no matter how well your cords are packed, they’ll always get tangled in transit. This is where cable organizer cases or smaller cord tacos can be an absolute lifesaver. If they haven’t yet invested in a cable organization solution, this gift could be a complete life changer for that digital nomad in your life.

8. Sleeping Mask and Ear Plugs

Digital nomads often travel overnight or spend nights in busy hostels or noisy cities. While getting a good night’s sleep in these situations is always daunting, it’s easier with a molded comfortable sleeping mask and high-quality reusable ear plugs.

As you search for the perfect gift for your loved one on the move, always think useful and portable. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their travel challenges so you can make their road smoother with the perfect gift.

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