Gift cards have been readily available to consumers everywhere since the 1990s. However, they’ve gained significant traction in the last decade or so. The introduction of digital gift cards have only made them more popular.

These kinds of gift cards make particularly convenient and hassle-free presents that are easy gift choices for many occasions. If you’re looking into surprising people you care about with gift cards, you should learn about how they work first.

Defining Gift Cards

Gift cards, in short, are vouchers paid for in advance that can be used as a way to pay for purchases. They include an amount that can be applied toward the payment of a range of items or services.

People appreciate gift cards for many reasons. The individuals who buy them often appreciate the flexibility of choice that the gift offers with a lower risk of giving something that a recipient may not enjoy. Most recipients like being able to choose gifts that are specific and well-tailored to their own interests or needs. These cards lead to win-win situations.

How Do Standard Gift Cards Work?

People can in many cases pick between a couple distinct gift card varieties:

  • Closed loop
  • Open loop

The most common types of gift cards, closed loop cards, are generally used to shop at specific businesses like Amazon, Starbucks, or the Google Play Store. Most modern closed loop cards can be used both in-person and online.

Remember, too, that there are sizable companies that are at the helm of multiple retail brands at the same time. If you get your hands on a gift card that’s connected to one of these companies, you may be able to use it for purchases via all of its divisions. For example, Darden Restaurants is the parent company for Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, and Longhorn Steakhouse, which means one of their gift cards can be redeemed at any of those locations.

Closed loop cards generally do not require activation charges. If you use the balance of a closed loop card, you may or may not be able to reload it. If you fail to use these cards within designated stretches of time, their funds may run out, though the practice of expiring gift cards is much less common than it used to be.

Open loop gift cards are a whole other ballgame. They’re a lot like cash, often offered by major payment providers. They’re reminiscent of basic debit and credit cards that are taken by all sorts of sellers.

People can use these gift cards at brick and mortar shops as well as on the internet. Open loop gift cards are usually offered by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. People often prefer these kinds of gift cards for their very flexible nature. People can generally load them with extra funds, as well. They’re occasionally associated with activation charges that are relatively small. Purchasers usually cover these charges as soon as they buy the cards.

How Do Digital Gift Cards Work?

Digital gift cards are in many cases referred to simply as “e-gift cards.” They work in manners similar to standard gift cards. The primary difference lies in the fact that recipients secure their designated codes via email messages. The individuals who bought the cards as gifts get copies for verification purposes, too.

If an individual opts to use a digital gift card online, they may be able to include the code during the checkout process. They may also be able to link the card to an existing shopping account.

People often have the ability to utilize digital gift cards in person. If you head to a brick and mortar store, you may be able to use a digital gift card just as you would a traditional one. You may be able to present sales associates with your latest card balance or code using your cellphone. This is usually pretty seamless at most major retailers and stores. All you have to do is head to the closest register. People have the option to print digital card codes out as well. Just don’t forget to have the paper easily on hand as you browse.

It isn’t unheard of to come across digital gift cards that are valid exclusively on the internet. Customer support representatives can give you reliable and updated details that relate to your digital gift card and all of its possibilities.

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