It can seem difficult to shop for teenage girls. As they grow out of childhood and are in the process of exploring their identities, teens often have very specific tastes, preferences, and interests. Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other accomplishment or occasion, there are a lot of fun gifts to suit any teen girl. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Spa Facial Masks

Teen girls can lead busy, stressful lives and also be conscious of their appearance. Help your giftee relax while also taking care of her skin with this facial mask variety bundle. You’ll be providing an at-home spa experience she can have solo or with friends. It wouldn’t be complete without this line of skincare products for any need.

facial mask set

2. Magazine Subscription

It’s no secret that adolescents are big consumers of media. There is a magazine to meet every girl’s need to know what’s going on. Having a magazine subscription in her name is a great way to honor and develop her unique interests.

Find out whether she is into fashion, current events, tech, world news, cooking, pop culture, travel, crafting, or anything else! Then, select the perfect magazine on her favorite topic. Send the subscription directly to her home and she’ll enjoy this gift as the issues arrive just for her all year long.

3. Decor Gift Box

For teen girls, their room is their refuge. This decor gift box is a great addition to their personal oasis. It includes a small live succulent plant for her to care for, a natural soy candle in one of five scents, matches, and a bath bomb. You can add other items into the box such as lip balm or chocolates, too.

Your teen girl giftee will appreciate it all, from the attractive gold planter down to the cute packaging and funny card. Now her personal space will feel even more like a calm, happy place to be.

gift box

4. Personalized Journal

Teenage is a life stage full of thoughts, feelings, reflections, and special events. Your giftee can document it all in a beautiful, custom journal. An upgrade from her lockable childhood diary, this is a classic hard-bound notebook with a faux leather cover. It is a portable size but has enough pages for her to fill over time. There are six cover colors to choose from and you can include her name in one of three fonts or engrave your inspiring message or quote of choice. This is a gift she’s sure to keep and cherish into adulthood.


5. Robe

It’s important to teen girls to be comfy and look cute all at the same time. A soft, light-weight robe in her favorite color will help her do just that. There’s no more space for childish pajamas in her wardrobe. Whether she is lounging around the house, packing for a sleepover, or bringing it to her college dorm, she will spend plenty of time wrapped in this.

6. Charity Pot Body Lotion

Teen girls are a passionate bunch. They often have causes they care strongly about and are carving out their role in the world. 100% of the price of this rich, cruelty-free, vegan body lotion is donated to grassroots organizations. Made with just seven natural moisturizing ingredients, you can select a small size for her purse or backpack, or a large size to live on her counter. She’ll feel good inside and out after receiving this gift.

7. Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

It can be frustrating for teen girls on the go to tote around a phone, wallet, and keys without pockets in their clothing. This infinity scarf is breathable and lightweight, but cozy. It comes in a variety of colors and what sets it apart from her other scarves is it has two hidden zipper pockets for her to stash necessities. This gift can provide added security when traveling on a trip. Or, it can simply give her added convenience when heading out of the house.

Although cash or gift cards can be a good option for teens that seem picky, these unique and fun items are sure to delight the girl you care about. She will love the thoughtful, personal gift and get lots of use out of it throughout her teenage years.

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