Keeping high morale among your customers and your employees is important as a company. If your customers are unhappy with you, they’ll take their money elsewhere. If your employees are disgruntled, then they’re less likely to be engaged or motivated. And unfortunately, bad attitudes are contagious to both employees and customers.

One way to please your customers and employees is by giving them promotional swag. Swag is any branded item (usually with a logo) that’s shared with employees, customers, or others free of charge to promote a company.

Gifts make recipients feel appreciated and encouraged. This means your employees will feel extra engaged, and customers will be even more likely to purchase your goods or services, or at the very least recommend them.

However, picking swag can be hard, especially if you’re looking for something that your swag recipients will actually use and won’t be discarded after a day or two. That’s why we’ve assembled seven company swag ideas that your customers and employees will love that are both sustainable and useful.

1. Water Bottles

Everyone gets thirsty. In order to quench their thirst, though, they need something to put their drink in. If you give them a customized water bottle, then they will see your company’s name every time they get a drink. Your employees will love it because they will be able to stay hydrated on the job. This is especially good as a dehydrated worker is a disgruntled worker. Since water bottles are reusable, they are also good for the environment!

2. Shirts

Clothes are a great way to bring awareness to your brand. People often pay attention to the shirts others wear, and if they see your logo on a shirt, then you just potentially gained a new customer. Make sure the shirt is comfortable, visually appealing, and interesting, though, or it won’t get worn.

3. Reusable Bags

This is one of the best swag ideas for saving the environment. Plastic bags are terrible for the environment. Plastic produces billions of metric tons of trash and 91% of it does not even get recycled. You can promote your company and help reduce plastic waste with reusable bags. Since reusable bags are versatile, your swag recipients will use your bags in grocery stores, gyms, the beach, and so on. That is a lot of company exposure!

4. Umbrellas

Nobody likes to get rained on. Your employees will be in bad moods if they have to show up in soggy clothes. With umbrellas, any time a rainy day occurs your company will get promoted. Your company could get representation anywhere and your swag recipients will be grateful for the umbrella you gave them when they have dry clothes.

5. Notebooks

Notebooks make a good office swag item. People can use them to take notes in, draw in, write letters, and so on. Plus, paper is recyclable, so your custom notebooks will not hurt the environment. If your company is more business-oriented, notebooks will also convey how professional you are.

6. Portable Chargers

Technology is a large part of today’s world. Our devices run on batteries that need chargers to keep them alive. Giving out portable chargers are sure to be a hit among your employees or customers. This is a swag item that is sure to be used.

7. Seasonal Items

While seasonal items may not get used all year long, they will leave a lasting impression on your swag recipients. An item like a Frisbee that has your logo on it will remind them of your company every time they play with it. A beach towel representing your company will stand out at the beach and will be sure to draw questions from people who see them. So get creative with the seasons!

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