You may spend more waking hours with coworkers than most friends and family, and giving gifts to your teammates can be a kind gesture. You may want to celebrate a coworker’s brand new position, a milestone birthday, a recent move, or their new status as a parent.

But what should you get them? Finding fantastic gifts for coworkers doesn’t have to be taxing or stressful. To help you get started, here are a few ideas for thoughtful colleague gifts.

1. Collection of Succulents

Succulents are notorious for being great plants that require little upkeep. They’re hardy and don’t need much care to flourish. Plus, they’re great to look at!

Plants are known to be soothing and have positive effects on humans, and they’ve been proven to help people focus as they work. If you want to give your coworker the gift of tranquility, consider a pack of mini succulents.

Mini Succulents

2. Facial Mist

Working for hours on end can be tiring for anyone. That’s why your coworker might just appreciate a facial mist gift. What exactly can these mists accomplish? They often include aloe vera and other natural ingredients that can boost energy levels in teammates who are starting to feel sleepy or fatigued. They can be fantastic for quick complexion hydrating purposes as well. Coworkers can keep these mists on their desks without thinking twice.

3. Business Card Holder

Business card holders can be helpful to professionals who do a lot of networking. You should look for a business card holder that’s sturdy and visually appealing at the same time. A strong holder can accompany your colleague to any major work event and last the duration of their career.

Card holder

4. A Gift Card For Their Favorite Store

You don’t have to panic if you have no clue what your coworker truly likes or wants. Getting them a gift card that they can use at their favorite retailer can be wise and efficient. It spares you the hassle of a guessing game and allows them to pick something they are guaranteed to love!

5. Screen Cleaner Spray

When’s the last time you really looked at your screen?

You and your coworker most likely devote a significant amount of time each day to looking at screens. That’s why you may want to delight them with a handy screen cleaner in spray form. These formulas make it a cinch for people to be able to maintain fresh desktop computer screens. They make it just as easy for them to be able to maintain immaculate cellphone screens, too.

6. Craft Coffee Beans

Caffeine is a must for most people in the morning. If your coworker is a big coffee drinker, put a huge grin on their face with craft coffee beans. Craft beans can lead to incredibly satisfying cups of joe. Learning about the intriguing roots of coffee beans that come from single origins can be fun, too!

Bag of coffee beans

7. Compact Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Dealing with desk messes can be frustrating. That’s why you may want to look into compact desktop vacuum cleaners. They help eliminate any and all hints of desk debris and dust and make it easy for workers to clean up stray pieces of food after snacks.

8. Desk Humidifier

There are small table-top humidifiers that people can leave on their desks. You can help your coworker say goodbye to unpleasant dry air, especially in colder weather, by surprising them with one of these helpful devices. These can even help keep germ spreading at bay.

9. Cozy and Fun Pair of Socks

If you’re enthusiastic about coworker gifts that are simultaneously practical, economical and thoughtful, then you should look for socks that are especially cozy or fun. A nice pair of socks can go a long way for professionals who want to feel like a million bucks while working hard all day long. They can also express their personality subtly under more professional attire with a pair like this.

Fun taco socks

10. Classic Notebook

If you’re passionate about classic gift options, consider gifting your coworker a Moleskine notebook. Even though most people use their phones or computers to keep track of things, there’s something timeless about a solid notebook.

Give your coworker a refreshing change of pace by surprising them with a traditional notebook. If they keep a notebook on their desk, they can jot down all of the things on their daily priority list. It can serve as a place for notes accompanying them into meetings and at conferences. A notebook can be especially great for forgetful types.

No matter the occasion, Employee Appreciation Day or just a regular Tuesday, your coworkers deserve thoughtful and useful gifts or swag to show how much you appreciate working together. These will show those who share your work space that you care.

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