Gone are the days of not being able to find the perfect fandom gift for your friend or loved one. With the popularization of formerly “nerdy” hobbies, it’s easier than ever to find a variety of fun products for all sorts of fans. There are also huge amounts of unique fandom gifts available from individual artists on marketplace websites.

Tomohiro Nishikado released Space Invaders as an arcade game in 1978. It was an immediate financial success worldwide. This first fixed shooter game continues to find popularity on both class game emulators and in retro fashion.

Below is a list of ten amazing gifts for the Space Invaders fan in your life.

1. Fridge Magnets

With the advent of 3D printing, artists are only limited by their imagination. This Etsy store lovingly 3D prints Space Invaders magnets that make your fridge look like a Space Invaders game! They’re also cleverly crafted to lie flat with the magnetic components recessed in back. With three sets to choose from, fans are sure to enjoy these.

2. Ugly Sweater

With this Space Invaders holiday sweater, your giftee will be ready to show their geek pride! Unlike many similarly whimsical products, this unisex garment is actually a knitted sweater, not a sweatshirt designed to look like a sweater. With this well-crafted sweater, your loved one will keep warm and look sharp this winter.

Ugly Space Invaders sweater

3. Necklace

Who says gamers can’t also look good? This adorable necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit. The necklace comes in several different colors and lengths so you can get the exact match for their personal style.

4. Color-Changing Mug

This special Space Invaders coffee mug features a print of the retro arcade game. If this mug wasn’t already cool enough for you, it also changes color! When a hot drink is poured in, more colors and space invaders appear! This mug will quickly become the first one they reach for.

black mug

5. Ice Tray

Finding a Space Invader in your cold drink will certainly be delightful at any party! Why stick with boring ice cubes when you can show off your water freezing prowess with these eight bit ice mold characters? This Space Invaders Ice Tray is perfect for any retro party or just for fun everyday beverages.

6. Retro Style Shirt

This Space Invaders Game Over t-shirt features the classic “Game Over” text with a retro design. The distressed pattern adds a level of style to this unisex shirt. In addition, the 100% cotton shirt includes the original Japanese title text which is sure to be a conversation starter.

7. Night Light

This Space Invaders projection night light will fill any dark room with a delightful array of classic invaders! This light will cover a wall or ceiling with your giftee’s favorite characters. This is a lot of fun for young, and young at heart, fans.

8. Punny T-Shirt

This original, punny design makes a statement about more than just a fan’s love of Space Invaders. Hand-printed in small batches, they’ll love the “Stop Invading My Space” t-shirt to showing off their favorite fandom and their witty sense of humor at the same time!

black T-shirt

9. Cutting Board

This is for the Space Invaders fan who would appreciate a high-quality, practical gift. Featuring a two-tone wood design, thiis heavy-duty, hand crafted Space Invaders cutting board is made from walnut and maple. It will be an essential addition to their kitchen that will get a lot of use and remind them of their favorite game each time they cook!

Cutting board

10. Laptop Stickers

These vinyl Space Invader sticker decal for Macs come in a variety of sizes and are specially designed to give the Mac owner in your life a chance to show off their geeky pride. Turn their laptop into a trip down memory lane with these fun decals.

Laptop stickers

Finding a gift for your geeky loved one doesn’t need to be challenging. Artists and designers are creating more exciting items than ever before. Find that perfect gift to show off their nerd pride.

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