Baptisms are beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime events, and finding a sweet and sentimental gift is the perfect way to show appreciation when you’re a part of someone’s baptism.

Since you often don’t attend too many of these in your life, it may be hard deciding on that perfect gift, so here are 10 fantastic ideas for the little one’s baptism.

1. Baby’s First Bible

Baby’s First Bible is a simplified and shortened book collection intended to give little ones an early introduction to some of the beloved bible stories. The stories are designed to be an appropriate length for parents to start reading to children as bedtime stories at an early age.

In a few years, they’ll be able to start learning to read the bible stories on their own.

2. Monogram Blanket

Babies need a lot of blankets, and a commemorative baptism blanket can be a great gift for the occasion. They can be monogrammed or have the baby’s full name on them.

Adding the date of the baptism is another nice personal touch to add. Plus, if baby gets chilly, they now have an elegant blanket to match the rest of their look. It can be put away as a great commemorative item with the baptism outfit, used, or displayed after the event.

Monogrammed Baby Quilt

3. Cross Jewelry

Gifting a piece of cross jewelry can be a great idea for the occasion as well as for later in life. A little bracelet is likely the safest choice.

You may even be able to find one with the baby’s birthstone or name on it as well for a little extra personal touch. If you know the baby has pierced ears, little cross-shaped stud earrings could be another special gift they use throughout their life.

4. Personalized Book

An increasing number of companies are offering personalized books now. These can make it seem as though the story was written especially for the child you’ll be celebrating. There are even religious stories such as God Loves.

5. Engraved Frame

There will no doubt be pictures taken of the momentous occasion. A special engraved frame for displaying a photo from the baby’s baptism is a sweet gift that will undoubtedly remain in a prominent place in the house. Having the frame engraved with the baby’s name and baptism date is a nice way to commemorate the occasion.

Wooden frame

6. Personalized Keepsake Box

A personalized keepsake box is a subtle but beautiful gift. Add the child’s name to the box for a nice keepsake they can enjoy for life.

Some people choose to add the baptism date as well. It’s something that may not be as prominently displayed as some of the other gifts, but it’s the kind of sentimental gift that will be kept for a lifetime.

7. Personalized Plush

Stuffed animals are that gift that everyone loves to buy. They’re cute, soft, and just scream adorable.

Now there are personalized plushes where you can get the child’s name and baptism date embroidered onto the sweet little stuffed animal. It’s the picture-perfect baptism gift that will likely be seen in quite a few upcoming social media uploads.

8. Baby Blessings Jar

A baby blessings jar is a sweet idea that allows everyone to wish the child well. You can either fill the jar with well wishes yourself or get loved ones to help you fill the jar. There will be positive notes to keep the child going as they grow all thanks to your thoughtful baptism present.

Blessings jar

9. Noah’s Ark Playset

While the baby may not be playing with too many toys yet, a Noah’s Ark playset is a great religious sentiment for the occasion. Plus, you get to be the cool friend or relative who is already making sure that they’re set with toys.

It’ll be one of the gifts that the child will appreciate in those early years and a great learning tool for acting out the popular Noah’s Ark bible story. It’s the perfect combination of religious and fun.

Noah's arc playset

10. Gift Card

If you can’t decide what to get, sometimes letting the parents decide is the best option. There’s no need to worry about whether or not a gift card to their favorite store for baby items will get used. Whether you choose Buy Buy Baby, Carter’s, Baby Gap, Target, or somewhere else, the parents are sure to get good use out of a gift card for their little one.

These sweet and sentimental gifts ideas will help celebrate the baby’s baptism. Don’t stress too much, though, because the best present is your presence in their life!

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