Retirement is a huge milestone that many have prepared for over the years. When it’s time to have a retirement party, make sure that your gift reflects both the future plans of the retiree and your relationship so far.

1. Travel Gear

Work takes a lot of time out of everyone’s life, and many people use their time to travel after leaving the workforce. If your favorite retiree is planning to travel, treat them to a gift card for luggage or a special piece of travel gear. A shared gift card to a travel agency or particular airline can also be a great option.

Package the gift with a guidebook to a unique vacation spot, a pocket foreign language dictionary, or a travel comfort kit that includes a blanket, eye mask, neck pillow, and ear plugs.

2. Self Care Treats

Now that the retiree has some downtime, treat them to a spa day or massage. Include a small basket with a mask, exfoliation gloves, and a special bottle of lotion.

3. Concert or Sporting Event Tickets

Few people wear watches anymore, but folks love their favorite teams and bands. Treat your new favorite retiree to a concert or a professional sporting event. You may even consider getting an extra ticket to share the experience!

4. A Chance to Keep Learning

Treat the retiree to lessons or a class. Local universities, tech schools, and craft stores all offer classes on fun activities and interesting topics. Some studios also give you a chance to connect in person for a painting party, with some yummy snacks and wine. Alternatively, you can give a gift card to an online course website such as Skillshare or MasterClass.

5. Avoid Clutter With a Shared Gift

Many retirees are planning to downsize, so don’t feel like you have to add more stuff to their current collection. A thoughtful plaque or award can go a long way for groups that want to give a shared gift from several co-workers. Also consider adding a donation to their favorite charity in the name of your retiree.

6. Gift a Thrill

If the retiree is the adventurous type, treat them to a helicopter ride or glider adventure to be used on a beautiful day with great visibility. Consider getting the group together for a “lift-off” party before or after the flight. Many such experiences can be found on Groupon.

7. Gag Gifts

You want to be careful with gag gifts; not everyone finds the same things funny and you may give something that’s a bit of a stretch for some at the party. However, if you know the recipient well enough, they might love it.

For example, you may want to give your favorite retiree the I Don’t Give A Damn O’clock mug in private for their personal enjoyment.

8. Personalized Journal

Treat your retiree to beautiful stationery they can use to record their thoughts during this remarkable transition. A custom-stamped, refillable, leather-bound notebook can move easily with the retiree, whether they’re traveling or moving house.

Anyone who wants to can also share their personal email, cell phone number and social media links in a spreadsheet you can give the retiree for future connections.

9. Offer Moving Help

If the retiree is downsizing in the future or already at work on this arduous task, offer a handmade gift certificate for moving help. Make sure to include your personal contact information on the card if they don’t already have it.

If you’ve got a van, truck, or SUV, you can provide transportation for furniture or donation boxes. Consider bringing some help for heavy lifting. On your workday, make sure to bring snacks and a beverage the retiree will love.

When a favorite co-worker retires, you might feel a bit down knowing they won’t be around the same way. Be sure to focus on their future plans and goals.

Your working life will change when they’re gone, but you can still keep in touch and maintain your relationship. Make sure you put your energy into helping your retiring co-worker get off to a great start.

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