Receiving gifts is a way many people communicate love. In the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, he explains the five ways different people show and receive love. These ways include: physical touch, acts of service, quality time together, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts. We’ll dive into understanding gifts as a love language and how you can best show love to people whose love languages prioritize gifts.

Unlock Their Heart With A Gift

For those whose love language is receiving gifts, they see presents as a physical symbol of love. It isn’t about the actual gift itself, but about the giving of the gift that touches their heart. It’s fun to surprise them with gifts because they believe it truly is a show of affection. Each present you give to them shows them you care.

Price Tag

The price tag doesn’t really matter to those getting a gift of love. Of course, there are people in the world that only love expensive things, but that’s not what we’re focusing on here. The price could be free as long as it is meaningful.

It’s all about the sentiment when you give a gift to those who have this love language. They feel the emotions and the love instead of seeing a price tag. Even a card or a handmade gift is special to them. It’s a tangible reminder of your love.

It’s Not About Materialism

A trend in today’s world is minimalism, where you try to live with only the things you need. For those that see gifts as love, it’s hard for them to throw things away. Gifts often have special meaning. Many people view this as materialism, but it’s not about the actual gift to these people. It’s about the giving of the gift.

They treasure each gift given to them because there is thought behind that gift. They think of you as you picked it out with them in mind. Even if it’s a flower from your own garden, you picked that flower for them. They also think of the memories associated with the gift. They think of how you gave it to them on a certain occasion.

All About Timing

Timing means a lot to people who have this love language. For example, if you haven’t been dating long and you give your significant other an expensive item, it might seem uncomfortable. It’s important to figure out where you both stand in the relationship before you start giving them special gifts.

How Can You Tell If Your Loved One Has This Language?

It can be tough to figure out your loved one’s language. First, try asking them directly since love languages can be an excellent topic to improve communication in relationships. Second, try the official love languages quiz.

Finally, look for clues:

They love to shop. If they find shopping fun, especially shopping for others, they may see it as an act of love. If they always have gift paper and tissue around just waiting to be stuffed with a gift to give to others, they love presents. It’s a way for them to show others how much they love them. If they have a tough time throwing away gifts, they may have this love language. If they enjoy picking out personalized gifts for others, this is a way they prefer to communicate love.

How To Show Your Love In Gifts

If you love someone who has this love language of gifts, there are ways you can give this gift of love to them in their way. It’s easy to just embrace it. You don’t have to spend unreasonable amounts of money to understand their love language.

Give them little gifts with huge sentimental value. See every occasion as one where you can show your love with a small gift. Give them small tokens of your love. Bring them home a souvenir from anywhere you go. Put thought into every gift. Draw them pictures when you’re bored to give to them later. Make huge deals of occasions by giving them a bunch of tiny, special gifts.

Understanding the love language of gifts isn’t that difficult. Remember, it’s more about the thought than the actual gift. Showing your love to those that have this love language means you get to put your heart and mind into every little thing you give them. They’ll be filled with love while you’re filled with the happiness they find in the thoughtful things of life.

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