Contests can be extremely successful when you include the right prizes. Well-run contests can grab attention, create a following, and bring people back to your brand as they become more interested.

Here are eight relevant and fun prize ideas to build excitement for your next contest.

1. Gift Certificates

One of the most relevant prizes you can give away is a gift certificate. This is also a fun prize as it allows for potential customers to feel as if they can get whatever is meaningful to them from the retailer of choice. The gift certificate can even lead to more sales in the future if the customer enjoyed what they purchased.

2. Accessories

Accessories are a fun prize if you’re appealing to individuals who already have certain items that require accessories, like cameras, phones, backpacks, and computers. They are also great if your audience has a shared hobby or interest. The customer might even make another purchase if there’s a chance to get something extra.

3. Exclusive Services

A great contest prize idea if you offer a service is to offer an exclusive package of services. If you run a salon, winners could receive the best services as a prize. If you run a transportation service, a winner might receive a ticket, ride, or first class seat. This will keep customers coming back for more, especially when they feel like they’re treated well.

4. Packages from Partners

If you have business partners that you work with, a prize from them could be a great idea. You could request that they give away a package of certain supplies or services. Make sure there are supplies from both your businesses in the package. This can benefit both businesses and it will make the customers want to come back for more from each.

5. Customized Products

A fun and personal prize is to offer a product that is customized to the winner. If you own a business that creates customized items such as monogrammed items, art, t-shirts, or more, this would be a great idea for you. The customer will see the detail and care you put into the promotional swag, and he or she will more than likely come back to your business again to get more personalized products in the future.

6. A Year of Supplies

One contest prize that can be offered on a larger scale is a year’s worth of free supplies. These supplies can be goods or services, depending upon your customer base. You could offer a year of free car washes, for instance, or a year’s supply of cereal, depending on your brand.

7. Brand Awareness

A great and fun prize for individuals who love your brand is to offer for them to be the face of your brand. Have individuals submit art, photos, or videos with your brand and then choose winners. The winners will have their art, photo, or video used in marketing. Or, they could even become a model for your brand for a certain campaign.

8. Merchandise

A more simple, but still fun, prize for your brand is to give away simple merchandise. This is a great prize if you run an entertainment business, especially. You could give away a t-shirt or an autographed item, for instance. This will keep customers coming back for more when they know the connections that you have available.

Contests are a great way to built interest in your brand and grow your customer base. It is important to make the prizes relevant and fun to ensure that as many potential customers as possible participate in the contest. This will bring tremendous growth and opportunity for you and your business.

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